Next generation GPS vehicle tracking device

Regional availability listed on the GO9 Support Document.

fleet tracking device

Regional availability listed on the GO9 Support Document.

Built to support your fleet now and into the future

Welcome to the most powerful GO device ever. The Geotab GO9 is redesigned from the ground up, featuring a 32-bit processor, more memory, more RAM and a gyroscope. The GO9 allows you to lead your fleet into the future with expanded capacity for further native vehicle support, improved fuel usage support, electric vehicles and global expansion.
Geotab fleet tracking device

Simple installation

The Geotab GO9 is a small form-factor vehicle tracking device that simply plugs directly into your vehicle’s OBD II port; or via an adapter for those vehicles without. No antenna or wire-splicing required. The installation process is quick, easy, and doesn’t require any special tools or the assistance of a professional installer. See the installation sheet for full details

Data that is second to none

Highly accurate GPS vehicle tracking

Collect rich, accurate data on vehicle location, ignition, trip distance and time, engine idling, speed and more. Even if your vehicle is parked indoors and underground, Geotab’s GPS vehicle tracking and telematics starts recording as soon as you begin driving. The GO9 introduces the new Global Navigation Satellite System module (GNSS) for faster latch times and increasingly accurate location data.

Engine and battery health assessments

Extract valuable information on vehicle health and status. Record VIN, odometer, engine faults, seat belt usage and more. This data not only helps prioritize vehicle maintenance, but also helps audit vehicle use to identify both safe and risky driving habits.

Advanced vehicle data capture

Vehicles send data from a multitude of sources, including the engine, the drivetrain, the instrument cluster and other subsystems. Utilizing multiple internal networks, the GO9 captures much of this data and results in the richest collection of information.

Breakthrough accident detection & notification

Set up email or desktop alerts that provide you with the first notice of loss. If a suspected collision is detected, detailed forensic data will be automatically uploaded from the GO device to allow for forensic reconstruction of the event. What’s more, the GO9 also has the unique ability to detect in-vehicle reverse collisions.

Geotab offers exceptional harsh-event data (acceleration, braking, cornering, etc.) and collision reconstruction through our patented algorithms and the GO device’s accelerometer. The GO9’s gyroscope improves on the current X/Y/Z axis acceleration logging by providing a real-time sense of the vehicle’s orientation. The GO9 can track and analyze vehicle movement more accurately than before, particularly on winding or bumpy roads.

In-vehicle driver coaching

Improve driving behaviors, like speeding and idling, by playing an audible alert buzzer or coach the driver with spoken words (available as an add-on). Immediate feedback will enhance fleet safety and reinforce company policy, and encourage your drivers to take immediate corrective action.

Industry-leading secure communication

Protect your data with Geotab’s end-to-end platform security

Geotab uses authentication, encryption, and message integrity verification for Geotab GO vehicle tracking devices and network interfaces. Each Geotab GO tracking device uses a unique ID and non-static security key, making it difficult to fake a device’s identity. Over-the-air updates use digitally-signed firmware to verify that updates comes from a trusted source.

Our security strengths:

  • End-to-end security using authentication
  • Encryption
  • Message integrity verification
  • Individualized devices with unique ID
  • Non-static security keys
  • Digitally-signed firmware
  • Independent third-party expert validation

Cybersecurity initiatives

Geotab works with Industry Associations, Universities, and Authorities to advance cybersecurity in the telematics industry. Geotab incorporates the best of what they learn into Geotab and validates their implementation through rigorous third-party penetration testing. We then share these proven best practices throughout our industry.

Device security features are implemented using a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module. Certificate #3371.

Geotab Cyber security
Geotab fleet tracking device

IOX expansion

Powerful add-ons to future-proof your fleet

The Geotab online fleet management platform can be extended even further, at any time, to provide added flexibility and integration with third-party providers. Choose any Add-On that suits your need, such as satellite tracking, driver ID, hours of service (HOS), temperature tracking, camera systems, and more.


Rugged and reliable GPS tracking device

Harsh conditions or external installation are no match for GO RUGGED. Geotab’s ruggedized telematics device is designed for fleets with heavy equipment, yellow iron, farm machinery, powered trailers and assets. It has the same advanced GPS technology as the Geotab GO, with the added benefit of and is rated to IP67 (international standard for protection against intrusion of solids, dust, contact and water).


Already have a telematics device or platform?
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Geotab’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) program allows anyone to leverage all that the Geotab has to offer.

Geotab fleet tracking device

Customized to cover your fleet needs today. Scalable to cover your needs tomorrow.

Rugged and reliable GPS tracking device

The Geotab GO9 device is even more advanced than you imagined. Out of the box and into your business, you will have peace of mind knowing that your telematics investment will continue to add value over the long run.

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